Aggiornamento regolamento del codice della strada per le biciclette elettriche

Update of the Highway Code regulations for electric bicycles

Article 50 of the Highway Code: Velocipedi

  1. Velocipedes are vehicles with two wheels or more wheels powered exclusively by muscle propulsion, by means of pedals or similar devices, operated by people on the vehicle; Pedal-assisted bicycles equipped with an auxiliary electric motor with a maximum continuous nominal power of 0.25 KW whose power supply is progressively reduced and finally istopped when the vehicle reaches 25 km/h or sooner if the cyclist stops pedaling. Pedal-assisted cycles can be equipped with a button that allows you to activate the engine even with the pedals stationary, as long as in this mode the vehicle does not exceed 6 km/h. 
  2. Velocipedes cannot exceed 1.30 m in width, (3.5 m) in length and 2.20 m in height.

Be very careful: All pedal-assisted electric bicycles that do not comply with the regulations are illegal, and cannot travel on the road.

The increase in speed and power not only makes electric bicycles illegal, but also makes them dangerous.

NieF pedal-assisted electric bicycles have been designed in compliance with the regulations. 

The complete article can be viewed on the site ACI Services Article 50 .

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