Here you will find the most frequently asked questions.
You will find all the information on the delivery times of your bicycle, on the assistance and return conditions. Is your question not listed below? Then you can always send us an email to info@niefactory.com

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Do NIEF bicycles have a warranty?

NIEF pedal-assisted electric bicycles offer 3 years of warranty (1 year more than the regular 2-year factory warranty. The warranty is guaranteed on electronic parts such as display, battery, motor, control unit or, those mechanical parts with production/manufacturing problems. Components used for a long time (kilometres) subject to wear (such as tyres, chain, brakes) are not covered by the warranty.

What are the delivery times in Italy?

Delivery times with GLS/BRT courier throughout ITALY last 48-72 hours. The courier will deliver the bicycle inside its box. The bicycle is approximately 80% assembled. The front wheel, front light, front mudguard and pedals must be installed. For information and support during assembly we are also present to make a video call and show how to assemble the e-bike.

Can I return the NIEF bike?

Yes, this is certainly allowed. Note: Return costs are your responsibility and returns must be made within 14 days. Furthermore, it is not possible to return the bicycle if it is damaged, worn and when there is more than 5 km on the display.
It is mandatory to contact us by telephone or e-mail at the following address info@niefactory.com . Our assistance service will contact you to indicate how to return the product. Any refund will be processed within 14-28 business days. 

Which NIEF electric bicycle is best for me?

Boar – For cyclists give 155cm to 190cm
The Aprum is a foldable FAT electric bicycle suitable for all types of terrain. Convenient for both city and off-road use. Thanks to the possibility of folding the frame, the Aprum can be loaded in the trunk of your car. 

Colosseum - For cyclists from 165 to 195 cm
The Colosseo is a FAT electric bicycle suitable for all types of terrain. Convenient for both city and off-road use. Thanks to the geometry of the frame, it is a sporty bicycle like a mountain bike but as comfortable as a city bicycle. 

Sibilla X - For cyclists from 155 to 185 cm
The Sibilla X is the classic Dutch style electric bicycle. The low frame (step-thru) ensures easy access. It is the perfect bicycle for city use.

For further information, we recommend contacting our telephone support service or at our address info@niefactory.com

Why choose a NieF?

For us, assistance and guarantee are of fundamental importance. For this reason we dedicate ourselves only and exclusively to the assistance of NIEF branded products. Our team of technicians is available in our workshop for any problems and technical assistance. Online from Monday to Saturday. For all customers outside the province of Rome, we offer innovative online assistance. We do not use messaging software that requires days or even weeks of waiting, but we are the only ones in the world of e-bikes to offer Live assistance by making video calls with the customer to verify the problem with your e-bike.  

Obligation to have a driving license or helmet?

To ride on the road with our NIEF electric bicycles you don't need a license, license plate or helmet. It is strongly recommended to wear a protective helmet for your safety.

What is the maximum speed of NIEF e-bikes?

Our NIEF electric bicycles are produced and certified according to the EPAC EN15194 regulation. The maximum speed of our e-bikes is 25 km/h.

NIEF and the Highway Code regulations

Article 50 of the Highway Code: VELOCIPEDI
Velocipedes are vehicles with two wheels or more wheels powered exclusively by muscle propulsion, by means of pedals or similar devices, operated by people on the vehicle; Pedal-assisted bicycles, equipped with an auxiliary electric motor with a maximum continuous nominal power of 0.25 KW, the power of which is progressively reduced and finally interrupted when the vehicle reaches 25 km/h or earlier if the cyclist stops pedaling.
Pedal-assisted cycles can be equipped with a button that allows you to activate the engine even with the pedals stationary, as long as in this mode the vehicle does not exceed 6 km/h. 

Velocipedes cannot exceed 1.30 m in width, (3.5 m) in length and 2.20 m in height.

Are individual spare parts available?

Yes, to guarantee an excellent and rapid service we offer assistance, maintenance and spare parts sales exclusively to NIEF customers. We do not take care of other bicycle brands. For more information contact us on 06 867 26376

What type of maintenance does a NieF Ebike involve?

Like all bicycles, every 500 km it is advisable to do a general check (tyre pressure, tightening screws, checking chain, checking brakes.). It is recommended to have the bicycle checked by expert mechanics (especially when it is necessary to carry out repairs/replacement of spare parts). Are you in the province of Rome? We offer in-store and home assistance. Call us or send us a whatsapp message for all information on 3780876550. Also via e-mail at info@niefactory.com 

What is the battery life?

The battery has a lifespan that varies from 800 to 1000 recharge cycles. A battery kept in excellent condition can have a lifespan of more than 3 years.

Can I buy online? How long does delivery take?

YES! After making the purchase through our shop www.niefshop.it , the NieF ebike will be sent to your home by the courier. We collaborate with GLS and BRT couriers. Delivery is expected within 72 hours of shipment (excluding holidays). You will receive a tracking code to check the status of the shipment.

Is it possible to try NIEF electric bicycles?

NIEF offers the possibility of carrying out free road tests on all our available models. The route is approximately 3 km, and the test will be carried out on a mix of asphalt and dirt, with climbs to test the potential of our engines to the maximum.

The test drives are carried out in our showroom in Via Palombarese 784, Fonte Nuova (RM) 00013.