Ebike con deragliatore o monomarcia?

Ebike with derailleur or single gear?

The bicycle gear (derailleur or internal gear such as the Shimano Nexus 7) is used to change the speed of the bike, allowing the cyclist to adapt the necessary effort based on the terrain, the slope or his own resistance.

The gearbox allows you to shift to a lighter gear for climbing a hill or a heavier gear for pushing at higher speeds on flat terrain. Buying an ebike with a gearbox is very important, especially for routes with hills.
For this reason we have decided to equip our Aprum, Sibilla X and Colosseo electric bicycle models with a rear derailleur (mtb type) and 7 speeds.

The mechanical gearbox is further aided by the e-bike motor, which allows the cyclist to travel long distances without making too much effort.

The Nief models are all designed to allow the cyclist to use their ebike for any purpose. From daily use as a means of transport (home-work) to walks in nature. A single gear electric bicycle, like those found in Northern Europe, are not recommended for use on hilly routes like in the province of Rome.

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