Giugno 2021: Svelati i nostri modelli: Aprum, Sibilla e Colosseo

June 2021: Our models revealed: Aprum, Sibilla and Colosseo

NieF unveils the new pedal-assisted electric bicycle models. From design to production.


We are ready to present our first 3 NIEF models:

Colosseum: the top of the NIEF range, it is a 26″ FAT bike ready to enter the Italian market as a revolutionary model. Not yet visible on Italian roads, this electric bicycle model is a concentration of power and comfort. Perfect on all types of terrain, from sand to snow, asphalt and dirt, it was designed by our team to replace your car, scooter or 50 cc moped. Its dimensions are suitable for users with a height ranging from 170 cm to 195 cm, up to a maximum weight of 130 kg. Record autonomy of over 100 km. Also present in the version MORE with 21Ah Samsung cell battery capable of accumulating 1,008 Wh.

Sybil: Small size electric city bike, suitable for the city. Agile and light, it is the perfect ebike for daily use. Thanks to the Step-Thru design and frame it is suitable for users of all ages, equipped with a rear parcel rack, it is suitable for transporting children up to a weight of 25 kg. Ideal model for Riders and for companies that carry out home deliveries. Long-life battery 36V 17.5A with 626Wh.

Wild boar: Foldable fat bike is a mix of agility and power, thanks to the possibility of being folded into 2 parts, it fits perfectly into your car. You will be able to take it anywhere! This electric bicycle is perfect for daily use, for commuting to work and for weekend excursions. Also present in the version MORE with long-life Samsung battery 48V 17.5Ah 840Wh.

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