La bellezza della bicicletta elettrica

The beauty of the electric bicycle

The beauty of the electric bike lies in its ability to combine the pleasure of pedaling with the practicality and efficiency of the electric motor.
In our case the Bafang rear motor is very powerful, it has a torque of 80Nm.

This means of transport allows the cyclist to explore new and distant places, maintaining direct contact with nature and enjoying all the health benefits that outdoor physical activity offers.
Furthermore, the electric bike represents a sustainable and eco-friendly way to get around, helping to reduce pollution and preserve the environment.

The NieF pedal-assisted electric bicycle models are designed for any type of use. They are equipped with a 7-speed Shimano MTB gearbox, dampened suspension and puncture-proof tyres.

Their versatility and ease of use make them suitable for people of all ages and abilities, allowing anyone to experience the thrill of effortless cycling and enjoy all the wonders the outside world has to offer.

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