La Nuova Aprum Magis è in pronta consegna!

The Nuova Aprum Magis is ready for delivery!

Compared to the previous 2022 version, the New Aprum Magis goes from an LG 17.5Ah battery to a full 20Ah, which with its 48V voltage develops the remarkable capacity of 960Wh.

Furthermore, the New Aprum Magis has a suspension saddle as standard, designed to make the cyclist's experience even more comfortable.

In terms of autonomy, it travels 12 km more than the 2022 version.

For example, an 80 kg cyclist, in a symbolic pedal stroke (no muscular effort) and a flat route, covers 96 km. 

The choice to switch to a larger battery comes mainly from the feedback from our customers who use it daily to go to work or to make deliveries in the city (rider).

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