La Nuova Aprum Magis è l’e-bike perfetta per l’avventura

The Nuova Aprum Magis is the perfect e-bike for adventure

Our customer Marco discovered the pleasure of going to the mountains with the new Aprum Magis e-bike. After trying different models in our store, he decided to purchase the Aprum because it was the ideal model for his camper holidays.

His experience was very positive. The 80Nm engine power allowed him to overcome the steepest climbs with ease, making his excursion fun and less tiring.
Furthermore, the ebike allowed him to cover greater distances in less time, allowing him to explore more terrain and landscapes.
The long-range 48V 20Ah 960Wh battery allowed Marco to travel for around 3 hours without worrying about having to recharge the bicycle.

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