L'importanza delle sospensioni anteriori

The importance of front suspension

The front suspension on an electric bike is an important component that absorbs impacts when riding on rough terrain.
This suspension system allows you to maintain greater grip and control on the bike, ensuring improved comfort and stability.
The front suspension is particularly useful when tackling steep descents or uneven terrain, allowing you to tackle them with greater safety and control.

On our Aprum and Colosseo models, we decided to install quality RST forks with 80mm travel. On the Sibilla X model, a city ebike, we chose a Suntour suspension fork with 80mm travel.
This allows our NieF electric bikes to guarantee high comfort and offer more riding options to the cyclist.

For the Aprum and Colosseum, the route is on asphalt with the presence of potholes, sand or dirt roads, there is no difference!

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