Utilizzare ebike in inverno

Use ebikes in winter

Using an electric bicycle during the winter can be a greater challenge due to adverse weather conditions such as snow, ice, rain and intense cold. However, with the right precautions such as wearing suitable clothing, fitting tires with good grip and paying attention to visibility, it is possible to continue using the bicycle even during the colder months.
Additionally, it is always advisable to check the roads to ensure they are safe and clear of snow and ice before embarking on a journey.

What does NIEF recommend?

  1. always check the condition of the battery: during the winter it is important to keep the battery in a dry environment and at a temperature above 10 degrees. If used in temperatures below 5 degrees centigrade, the battery has a natural voltage loss which affects autonomy by 15-20%. 
  2. Use a helmet especially when the asphalt is slippery
  3. Cover yourself well using gloves, hat and leg warmers (if necessary)
  4. Always dry the display, assistance level selector, battery at each end of the journey (this serves to avoid condensation inside the electrical components)


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